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Here at A+ we offer a series of maintenance from changing filters to checking a filling refrigerant levels in your system to cleaning coils, icemachines, checking belts, rotation etc. We do preventative maintenance on residential and commercial work so please give us a call if you need an more details or for pricing.



At A+ Air we like to make sure that when we go over to look at your system, that everything is well kept up with and maintaned properly. One of the first issues we usually find is a dirty air filter which can be a cause to multiple future problems such as a higher electricity bill, frost build up on your coils and possible system failure. These are the things you dont even think about until something serious occurs.


Cleaning coils isnt really a task for a homeowner or bussiness owner even thinks about yet it can make the world of a difference when it comes to getting proper air flow to your condenser coils. Clogged coils usually result in less air flow to your business or home. We highly recommend to have your coils inspected yearly to prevent major problems.


Improper installation and lack of maintencace are the most common reasons for any AC system to have future issues. Systems can last up to 20 years and longer if they are maintained properly. The cost of of keeping your system properly maitained is by far cheaper than the cost of major repairs as well as a higher electricity bill, and possible system failure, which is why we offer maintenance contracts.

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